How does this work?

You select a song or soundboard pack, pay the required license fees and use the songs/sounds in your project.

Can I use this in all my projects?

Each license is for use with one project. If you would like to use the same songs/sounds in multiple projects, use the contact form to request an advanced license.

What can I do with this license?

The standard BoozeHound Music license allows you to use the license for one (1) project. A project is defined as a single thing, such as a podcast, video show, or business use. Where our license differs from others is, that you can use your license in all areas of your project.

  • YouTube Video
  • Podcast (intro and/or outro)
  • Business Presentation
  • Movie
  • Television Show
  • Social Media
  • Do you offer a “buy out” license?

    No. These are songs by professional bands who also sell their music for personal use, streaming, and live performances. These songs cannot be restricted in use.

    Do I Own The Song?

    No. You are purchasing a limited license to use the song in the manner described above. The band and/or record label retains all rights and ownership to the songs.