BoozeHound Music is a newly formed division of BoozeHound focusing on music licensing of high-quality, affordable music for use in business and art projects of all types.

Let’s face it, music copyright is a mess. While there are free options out there, they come with all kinds of use restrictions.

For instance, you can use music on Spotify if your podcast is produced through Anchor, but you can only distribute your podcast through Spotify. You can use the music you find in the YouTube music section, but you can only use that music on YouTube (and don’t get us started in the problems with using music on YouTube, in the first place). 

BoozeHound Music works differently. When you license a song, you get the full song to use across all elements of a single project. Let’s say you have a podcast. You can license a song and use it as your intro, outro, social media posts, and YouTube videos promoting your podcast.   

  • YouTube Video
  • Podcast (intro and/or outro)
  • Business Presentation
  • Movie
  • Television Show
  • Social Media
  • Something we missed, you tell us!  

And the cool thing is, these aren’t the typical “royalty-free” songs that you hear in every video and podcast these days. No, these are songs you can (and probably do) listen to on Spotify, Apple Music, and others. You know, the ones you rock out to. The ones you piss the neighbors off with.

We’ll be launching in late Q4.  In the meantime, if you need music for your project now, please contact Phil to see if he can hook you up a little early.